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We love cats, you love cats and the internet is definitely crazy about cats. I hope you are ready for an overdose of cats photos, videos and memes today as it is International Cat Day!

Did you know that cats are actually good for your health?

If you are a cat lover or just on the look out for a way to improve your wellbeing, read on as we collected a few little-known scientific facts that prove how awesome cats really are.

1. They can reduce stress

Sleeping cat -

Studies have found that owning a cat can lower your stress levels, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. A cat’s purr fluctuates between 20-140 Hz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically therapeutic and stress reducing. Owning a cat can actually lower your risk of various heart diseases, including stroke, by around 30 percent! 

2. Their purring helps to heal tendons, bones and muscles

sleeping cat -

Their purr has also been long associated with a therapeutic healing ability on human bones and muscle. It has been shown that frequencies in the 18-35 HZ range have a positive effect on joint mobility after injury, scientists have begun talking about how the cat noise could help humans. 

3. They are a great mood booster

Playing cat -

Cats are hilarious. From their random dances and leaps, to their obsession with Q-tips, cats provide a regular source of amusing entertainment and won't fail to put a smile on your face. 

Cats Protection revealed that out of 600 people surveyed, 86% of people who owned a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing, while 76% believed that pet ownership made coping with life easier.

4.  Cats make you lead a routine life

yawning cat -

Building a routine you can stick to in daily life may not sound important however researchers have found that routine can have far-reaching psychological benefits.

Cats are creatures of habits who thrive on routine. Any morning that you think you should sleep in, your cat won't miss the chance to remind you that it is in fact time to get up and make them their breakfast. 

 5. Even just watching cat videos is good for you

Cat in front of laptop -

That fuzzy feeling you get from watching surprised kitty isn’t in your head. 

A study of over 7,000 people by Indiana University Bloomington found that watching cat videos on the internet boosts viewers’ energy and positive emotions while decreasing negative feelings. Turns out all those hours spent on YouTube actually did you some good. 

And so you have it – our fluffy friends are not only super cute alarm clocks, they are also a great way to take care of your health. Do you feel that your kitty has a positive impact on your physical or mental wellbeing? Tell us in the comments below. 


If you need your daily dose of cuteness, check out the top 9 Instagram cat accounts of 2019 with over one million followers. That’s right, you read that correctly! 

The 9 Top Instagram Cat Accounts With Over 1 Million Followers

  1. Nala (@nala_cat) – 4.1M Followers
  2. Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) – 2.7M Followers
  3. Lil Bub (@iamlilbub) – 2.3M Followers
  4. White Coffee Cat (@white_coffee_cat) – 2M Followers
  5. Smoothie (@smoothiethecat) – 2M Followers
  6. Venus The Two Faced Cat (@venustwofacecat) – 1.9M Followers
  7. Coby (@cobythecat) – 1.6M Followers
  8. Hosico (@hosico_cat) – 1.5M Followers
  9. Suki Cat (@sukicat) – 1.5M Followers

And in bonus, the prettiest of all who has yet to become instafamous: Opium @Opium_ze_cat (what do you mean we are not objective because it’s ours?!)

Opium ze cat -

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